About Me


Who are are you?

Hi, I’m Sarah. I am a teenage girl and I live in the United States. I the blogger behind Black Paper Moon and I also run the Folding Stars Podcast. I am also currently working on a novel, The Shadow King, that will hopefully (fingers crossed) be published one day.

Why did you name your blog Black Paper Moon?

When I was first decided to start this blog my sister and I were really into Anime. (We still are but anyways…) When I was coming up with the name for this blog my sister had the song Paper Moon from the Anime Soul Eater stuck in her head. One of the verses in the song is Black Paper Moon. We both thought it was super poetic, and it stuck. So yeah, that is how I got the name Black Paper Moon!

What do you talk about?

I don’t really have a niche that I am in, and that kinda sucks because it is hard for me to be a part of a blogging community. When I explain my blog to people I just tell them I write about books, films, music, pop culture, and my life. I have written some “essays” and opinion pieces, but when I do I try to keep them light hearted.

Favourite Bands: TØP, Simon & Garfunkel, Florence + The Machine, Cold War Kids, ACDC, Of Monsters and Men, The Wind and the Wave, X Ambassadors, Led Zeppelin, The Lumineers, LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA…. There are so many musicians that I love, it is impossible to list them all.

Favourite Movies: Star Wars, Big Hero 6, Sing Street, Guardians of the Galaxy, Singing in the Rain, How to Train your Dragon.

Favourites Books: (DON’T MAKE ME ANSWER THIS) Sway, Nimona, I Am Princess X, Animal Farm, The Great Gatsby, The Outsiders, The False Prince, Sherlock Holmes

Favourites Bloggers: All of them? I love reading everyone’s blog, so if you have one, tell me and I will check it out.

When do you upload?

I upload a new blog post every Wednesday and Saturday. I do have my Dear Internet series which is uploaded completely randomly (but usually at 3am) just to keep everyone on their toes.

BECOME MY FRIEND!!! I have a Bloglovin’, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t be afraid to DM me!

– Sarah 🌙

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