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Blogtember Day 1 Hello everyone! It’s me, Sarah, and today I am starting the the Blogtember challenge! This challenge was started by the beautiful, glorious Noor over at A Little Bit Of Sunshine (go check her out, if you haven’t already.) I decided to start this because I haven’t blogged very much in the past month (I’m sorry…) because of school and I needed some motivation. I also wanted to start discovering my blogging voice and nothing does that like being stressed out and trying to crank out 1000 words in 30 minutes. *Little Disclaimer: I am not going to follow all of Noor’s prompts just because I want to write some other things, but I will still be doing MOST of them :)* Okay, let’s get started.

1472774285 I’m Sarah! (duh) But everyone calls me Sar. I am an American high school student and I write this blog. When I am not stressing out over school, I spend time on the internet and write this blog. I also run  Folding Stars Podcast BECUASE I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH STRESS IN MY LIFE!!!! I also “play” the ukulele. *someone help me* I also like BOOKS and I want to write BOOKS and write about BOOKS! I’m in a bunch of fandoms: Sherlock, Harry Potter, Voltron, Marvel, Hamilton, Percy Jackson (Solangelo My children), TØP, the Phandom, Soul Eater, Check, Please!… If you watch it or read it I’m probably in it. *Thanks Tumblr* book-reading-words-flying-by-animated-gif I don’t know what else to write because I am not very interesting… 1472776499

I run this blog: It has been pretty great so far. I like writing about stuff I care about and talking to people who like these things too. I really just kind of started this blog because I was lonely and I needed to let out some creative energy.
I write about books, movies, music, and my life so if you like that kind of stuff stay around and check out my blog! BECOME MY FRIEND!!! Like always if you have any advice or just want to say hello, please leave me a comment below!

– Sar🌙

QOTD: Tell me a weird fact about you!


  1. Ah is Black Paper Moon a reference to Soul Eater? xD
    I’m gonna check out your podcast! I was thinking about starting a podcast too but I don’t think I’d be able to create it properly >.< Plus I'd probably like, delete everything after hearing my voice..
    Weird fact about me? Um… I have this weird habit of blowing my cheeks up like a chipmunk and just giving awkward looks to people when they want me to say something but I have nothing to say xD only the craziest of friends decide to poke my cheek to let the air out and ruin my chipmunk face!

    • Sar

      Yes, it is a reference to Soul Eater!! I love it when people notice 🙂 Podcasting is super fun because I am surrounded by fun people. I learned that as long as you have something to talk about, the equipment doesn’t really matter. (I can’t listen to my own voice so honestly I haven’t listened to any of my podcasts XD)
      Lol my sister always pokes at my cheeks because I do the chipmunk face too! -🌙

    • Umm, HI it’s me Claire, Sarah’s sister. I basically live and breathe podcast and I run our podcast (Folding Stars). I figured I could probably answer this question because podcasts are kinda my thing. Basically, It doesn’t matter what equipment you use as long as you have good content. I mean, sure, good audio quality is always nice but as long as you sit in a quiet place it should be pretty good. You can use your laptop microphone, which is surprisingly very good, or you can use the mic on headphones you already own. For recording we just use QuickTime recorder, you podcasting pros may be horrified but it is what works for us. It is free, comes built into macs and is easy to use. I wish you the best of luck and make sure to produce quality content and to record in quiet places for the best possible product. Control the things you can without spending money. If you decide you love podcasting later you can invest in it. I wish you the best of luck!

      Also, don’t worry about your voice, it probably doesn’t bother people very much.

      Also, Also, I love poking Sarah’s cheeks, it gives me life.

  2. (Solangelo!! x) This was a sweet introduction. I like the name of your podcast – Folding Stars makes me think of a paper galaxy made into origami. Yes yes yes to books!

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